Product Comparison

NLT Desk Lamp image
BOXelite image BOXelite OS image TRAVelite image FLAMINGO image LUXOR image Mini LUXOR image
NLT Desk Lamp LiteUP BOXelite BOXelite OS TRAVelite FLAMINGO floor lamp LUXOR Mini LUXOR
10,000 Lux Distance up to 18″ up to 17″ up to 14″ up to 14″ up to 12″ up to 12″ up to 12″ up to 10″
Shines from Above Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wall Mountable Yes
Adjustable Yes Yes Yes Adjustable angle only
Total Bulb Wattage 72 W 96 W 72 W 72 W 48 W 48 W 45 W 40 W
Assembly Required NONE Leg screws Base screw Leg screws Base screw Yes Insert bulb Insert bulb
Color Temperature 3500 K 5000 K 3500 K 3500 K 3500 K 3500 K 4100 K 4100 K


The NLT Desk Lamp, the new LiteUP and the BOXelite OS are our best performers. They offer 10,000 Lux at a greater distance than most light therapy units while still being adjustable and easy to set up. These lights provide a large light field and the light shines down from above which has been shown to be more effective.


Large light field

Our bright light products attempt to replicate outdoor light.

The entire sky is lit up by the sun as your entire face will be lit up by our products large light screens. To get light therapy your eyes must fall in the 10,000 Lux area. This makes getting 10,000 Lux with small units very difficult because you need to sit very close and your eyes must be directly in front of the unit.


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