Big Happy Family Bundle


Looking for a brighter and more cheerful start to your day? Look no further. This beautiful bundle includes 4 bright light therapy units and 1 dawn simulator.

1 SADelite Desk Lamp (beige)
1 LUXOR (white)
1 Mini LUXOR (white)
1 TRAVelite LED Desk Lamp(beige)
1 Lumie Bodyclock Active 250

The Big Happy Family Bundle is everything you need to brighten up the house, the office and the entire family.



The SADelite stands tall and the angle of the hood is adjustable. This desk lamp comes highly recommended as it shines down from above similar to the sun outdoors.
The LUXOR brings all the light to the table, it’s 45 W CFL bulb gives a bright white 4100K light. It’s side are 15″ long.
The Mini LUXOR is a smaller version of the LUXOR. It’s sides are 11.5″ long so it takes up less desk space and can fit on a nightstand.
The TRAVelite LED Desk Lamp is durable and ready to go!
These 4 bright light therapy products offer the required 10,000 Lux at a user friendly distance.

The Lumie Bodyclock Active 250 will help ease you into the day with a gradual sunrise over 15-90 minutes.

Save big with the Big Happy Family Bundle. Individual pricing is $921 and the bundle sale price is $650, that’s $275 of savings!


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