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The TRAVelite comes with a versatile stand that allows vertical or horizontal positioning and it can also shine up or down. The TRAVelite is compact, durable and lightweight so you can bring your light therapy with you. With the TRAVelite, you get 10,000 Lux at 10-12 inches.


The TRAVelite comes with a versatile stand that allows vertical and horizontal positioning on a flat surface as well as tilting to shine up or down.

Bring your sunshine everywhere you go with this bright and portable desk lamp. With the TRAVelite, you get 10,000 Lux at 10-12 inches and need to use the unit for 20-30 minutes. Sitting at 18 inches the TRAVelite delivers 5,000 Lux of light and we recommend that you use the lamp for about one hour each day.

Features Include:

  • 10,000 Lux at up to 12 inches
  • Quality metal construction
  • Ultra compact
  • Electronically powered for no flicker & no hum
  • No UV & very low EMF
  • 7 year unlimited warranty
  • 60 day money back guarantee (full refund of total paid less $35 for restocking)

Product Specs:

  • Power : 48 Watts – Lamp automatically selects from 110-270 volts, 50 or 60 Hz
  • Size : 13.25 inches x 7.75 inches x 2.5 inches
  • Weight : 3 lbs
  • Grounded power cord : 8 feet
  • Tube duration : 20,000 hours
  • On/Off switch : At top

Made in CANADA

Tips: Use the light regularly at about the same time each day. Also try to spend time outdoors during sunny periods. Eat sensibly, exercise and try to keep regular sleep-wake hours.

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6 reviews for TRAVelite Desk Lamp

  1. John Banes

    This is a great unit. I highly recommend it. Sits right at my desk during the morning.

  2. Matt Anderson

    I really love this lamp. It works great and I have had no problems with it.

  3. Thelma Harris

    Bought my light in 2003 and ordered extra bulbs. My light experienced heavy use, in addition to using it up close for SAD, I also used it as a light in my dimly lit office at work. It has run an average of 8 hours a day for 5 days a week for the last 9 years. It finally gave out in the last week. I never used the extra bulbs I ordered. I have ordered a replacement and of course it is from Northern Light Technologies.

  4. Cristina Rowe

    I’ve had this lamp since I moved to Canada over 13 years ago. I can say with no doubt that it has made my life easier during the fall/winter months. The size is perfect for me and the quality is amazing.

  5. FerryX

    This product is really good.

  6. Vio

    It’s an excellent high quality product. I purchased this Travelite lamp in 2011 because it is not bulky and light weight. I’ve been using it pretty regularly every fall to spring since then. Only in 2019 the light finally burnt down and I just ordered a replacement. Great high quality products!

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