Your Favourite Waiting Room


This amazing bundle includes 4 bright light therapy units and an extra set of bulbs. Create the bright space you’ve always dreamed of.

3 Flamingo floor lamps (black)
1 TRAVelite desk lamp (black)
1 Set of replacement tubes upon request


The Flamingo and TRAVelite use the same tubes.



Your Favourite Waiting Room set includes 4 bright light therapy units that are all made in Canada. The 3 Flamingo LED Floor Lamps and TRAVelite LED Desk Lamp are sleek and sturdy units.
Therapeutic lights such as these provide the recommended 10,000 Lux at up to 12 inches. The floor lamps will bring an unmatched level of sophistication and brightness to any room or home office.
You can save desk space while creating a well lit lounge area.
The Flamingo II and TRAVelite II both use two 18W LED bulbs (extra set is included in this package deal on demand).
The tubes put out a 4000 degree Kelvin white light. This set is ultra durable. Firstly, our products are made of metal. Secondly, they have heavy duty power cords. Thus they are perfect for heavy use areas. They will last in any waiting room.

As a result of combining these items, you’ll save big. Individual pricing is $1,102 and with the bundle sale price you pay just $800. That’s $300 of savings!
Your favorite waiting room awaits!

See individual product pages below for more details:
Flamingo LED Floor Lamps
TRAVelite LED Desk Lamp


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